"design-led companies had 32% more revenue and 56% higher total returns”

2018 – McKinsey & Company


This event has been canceled :(

DESIGN THINKING: Beginner to Expert

Perhaps you have heard about Design Thinking or even tried it, but something is still missing?

Our 1st Design-Driven NYC conference will train you in understanding and applying Design Thinking the right way and present clear steps to practice human-centricity and creativity on daily basis. Join us to see what design driven companies like Tesla, Netflix, Lego, Amazon, and many others have been doing to transform, despite being market leaders.

You will learn & practice in our action-packed breakout sessions that solve real problems!

  • How to get to know your customers in a more meaningful way?

  • How to apply re-framing techniques to identify most dire problems?

  • Have you ever used experimentation canvas to help you make better prototypes and test your hypothesis?

  • Do you want to see how to combine Blue Ocean Strategy with Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking for a winning innovation framework?​

Are you ready to change the world?
APRIL 11-12, 2019


Two days packed with energy, awesome speakers, hands-on workshops, inspiring stories, proven case studies, best tools, new techniques, fun, surprises, and some drama :) 

Are you tired of Innovation events where you hear the same innovation semi-success stories?


No, this will not be a showcase of the same!

Our speakers are from different disciplines, and as experts, they will share with you their wisdoms. They will keep you inspired and on your feet... 


Join us for a gathering of bold minds from diverse fields and walks of life to learn about Design Thinking and its evolution:

  • Brand new creativity and prototyping techniques

  • Overcoming barriers Design Thinkers face

  • VR in user research and prototyping

  • Behavioral Economics (customer choice architecture)

  • Whiteboarding secrets for non-artists

  • Running a human-centric design oriented organization

  • Keeping your employees excited and making your customers part of your design team. 

  • Design Thinking 'failure' stories 

  • Complete and updated Design Thinking framework

  • Hands-on mobile application prototyping for everyone



Pioneers. Unique. Diverse. Learn how they succeeded, how they learned, and how they've brought their ideas to reality.

Nicole is responsible for introducing innovative approaches and disruptive techniques through user centricity to all segments, functions, and markets around the globe. She is a strong believer that just because we live in an on-demand digital world doesn’t mean we can’t pick up good ol’ pen and paper to bring an idea to life.  She has spent her career building businesses from the ground up to sustaining brands that millions love. Nicole is a true entrepreneur at heart.  She never misses an opportunity to empathize with people and see if their needs can be translated into innovation opportunity. She thrives on defining strategy, creating brand expressions and the ability to drive scale. Nicole is an active alumnus participating in the mentorship program and volunteers with non-profit organization Girls Who Code.  Most recently, she has represented Mars as a #WomanInSTEM and has a strong drive to educate and empower young women to get more involved in the field of technology.

Global Design Thinking Lead at Mars


(Spagnolia) Licciardi

Braden Kelley is an experienced innovation speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator. He is the author of two books – Charting Change and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, the creator of the Change Planning Toolkit™ and an co-Founder. He writes and speaks frequently on the topics of continuous innovation, digital transformation, design thinking and organizational change. He has maximized profits for companies while living and working in England, Germany, and the United States. Braden earned his MBA from top-rated London Business School. Follow him on Linkedin, Medium (@Changes) and Twitter (@innovate).

Director of Innovation and Human-Centered Problem-Solving at Oracle

Braden Kelley

Elizabeth is a professional analyst and instructor specializing in the area of international conflict, civil wars, foreign policy, creativity, and Design Thinking.

Elizabeth's unique teaching approach emphasizes applying various creativity techniques and Design Thinking to solve serious world challenges. Elizabeth's Wilson Quarterly journal article on reviving the foreign policy by applying Design Thinking has been very well accepted in academia and in business.

Political Science Professor at Rider University

Elizabeth Radziszewski Ph.D.

As an experienced Design Thinker, Visual Facilitator, Human Resources expert, technologist, illustrator, and a photographer, Ian believes that everyone has the capacity to be creative, so he is passionate about unlocking this creative potential in people, teams, and organizations. 
Ian is an Innovation Strategist with diverse industry experience in consumer packaged goods, disaster services, fashion & beauty, arts & culture, human resources, IT and finance. Ian has been fascinated with what drives people's decisions, and has been working on simplifying Behavioral Economics in order to make it an integral part of Design Thinking.

IAC Principal/Director, Photographer, Illustrator, Design Thinking Coach

Ian Limbaga

As a digital strategy & innovation leader, Maryam has spent her life propelling change and creating purposeful impact. She has gained her experience from living in seven cities, three continents, and working with Fortune 500 firms, startups, non-profit organizations & universities. She strongly believes in the power of empathy & positivity. 

Maryam is the founder of Innovation Bazar, a boutique consulting firm in New York City, advising clients globally through leveraging Design Thinking methodologies and disruptive technologies to create growth and value positioning. In addition to her consulting practice, she is the learning facilitator for the Digital Business Strategy online course offered by MIT Sloan and serves on the Marketing Committee of UN Women Metro NY Chapter. She mentors and advises women-led startups and has had the pleasure of speaking publicly at SAP, NY Institute of Technology, NYC Code and Design Academy, and UN Women Metro NY Chapter about innovation and Design Thinking. 

Founder, Innovation Bazar

Maryam Daryabegi

Passionate about Innovation, Nelly found herself in the intersection between Business, Design and Technology. Throughout her career, Nelly has not only worn many hats, but experienced many different roles. Her diverse background includes working as a designer in a boutique agency, a marketer in a mobile payments startup, a business and technology consultant in IBM, and even the owner of a bar in Colombia! This unique career path ultimately led her to discover the power and value of Design Thinking in small to very large corporations. She has since shared her expertise and passion for Design Thinking with clients that include Citibank, MetLife, StateFarm, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Delta, Novo Nordisk, Univision, among others.


Currently, Nelly is leading the Experience Strategy arm of The Digital Pumpkin, the Design and Innovation Lab at Mindtree. The Digital Pumpkin focuses on facilitating the space, skills and tools to help companies transform their business outcomes through Experience Design and Technology Accelerators. She has also been to 39 different countries (for work and for fun) as she strongly believes that diversity in every way encourages the best type of innovation.

Experience Strategy Head | Design Thinking Lead  at The Digital Pumpkin @Mindtree

Nelly Ortiz

Katrina Fludd is the founder of Kelda & Co., a new brand helping organizations and teams build capacity to sustain innovation by disrupting diversity and inclusion where we work, live and learn with design thinking. Bringing a decade of expertise in facilitating and managing diversity programs, advising leaders and managers on inclusive excellence, and supporting underrepresented students and employees, Katrina has played an integral role in shifting consciousness around the role of diversity in business and remains passionate about thought leadership and change-making around diversity’s impact on business. Currently, Katrina works with Princeton University to design and implement custom strategic diversity initiatives and tools for various departments across campus that provide holistic solutions for recruitment, retention & engagement of staff and administrators.

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Princeton University

Katrina Fludd

Adam is an innovation practitioner with extensive experience in enterprise innovation practice building and fostering creative and collaborative organizational cultures.
He is a Design Thinking and Creativity coach, a practitioner of Behavioral Economics and Experimental Design, and a  product development lead. Adam combines Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, Ten Types of Innovation with Design Thinking to help make design and human-centricity part of the core enterprise.

Adam not only applies proven creativity techniques to stimulate his clients, but he has also developed his own set of tools as a natural evolution of the field.

Director of Innovation Services & Design Thinking at Oracle

Adam Radziszewski

Millie is a Strategic Business and Innovation Development professional with 15+ years of experience in Financial Services for multinational companies. Intellectually curious, results-driven, innovative and strategically focused with strong financial acumen. Millie has a proven track record to identify and develop key partnerships, with a focus on mutually beneficial outcomes. While working for major financial institutions, she thrived in leading edge technology startup organizations by wearing multiple hats and filling in where needed.

Innovation Lead - Head of Strategic Bank and Travel Relationships NAM Labs as a Service at Mastercard

Millie Gillon

Jocelyn is the Executive Director of, the nonprofit design organization that she co-founded in 2011 after leading IDEO’s social innovation practice. As Executive Director, Jocelyn spends her time sorting out the vision, strategy, funding, and growth plans for She heads up partner development with foundations, nonprofits, and social enterprises; builds networks by speaking widely on how design is changing the social sector and leads a team of 70 people between San Francisco, New York, and Nairobi.

CEO at

Jocelyn Wyatt

Andrew is an internationally recognized leader, working at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and technology. Throughout his consulting career, Andrew has coached many CEOs and senior executives at corporations across many industries, such as Barclays, BNP Paribas, CitiGroup, Steelcase, and Estée Lauder, to help them build more agile and innovative organizations.

In addition to his advisory, coaching, and strategy experience, Andrew has published several award-winning books and articles on innovative leaders and culture, and ran his own very successful innovation strategy and design firm.

He is an adjunct professor for the Cornell EMBA program where teaches courses on innovation, new venture creation and Design Thinking. Andrew is a frequent lecturer at the Central Eastern Europe University, Wharton and the Institute of Design and he has been invited to speak and share his views about innovation and design thinking on national news network such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Managing Partner

IAC Partners North America

Andrew Pek

Simon, along with his partners at Vega Factor, is on a mission to unlock human potential at scale, to build the world's most adaptive organizations, and to fundamentally upgrade the tools and techniques we use to build great cultures.
Simon is an expert in leadership and capability-building, who understands what it really takes to unlock innovation, culture, and collaboration in large organizations. He is also a gifted facilitator who helps clients navigate the complex behavioral aspects and methodologies involved in building sustainable culture and capability programs.

As a core member (2005 to 2014) of a top creativity consultancy firm '?What If!', Simon has been leading teams in London, New York and São Paulo. 

Principal | Head of Transformation

Vega Factor

Simon Bray

Chad Reynolds is a serial entrepreneur, who has built his career designing breakthrough experiences for brands like Adidas, GE Healthcare, Nike, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever. Over the past 15 years, Chad has been a pioneer in co-creation by developing new methods and platforms that engage consumers throughout the creative process. His company, called Batterii, does just that. A new type of SaaS experience, Batterii provides brands with access to insightful consumers, a suite of real-time collaboration tools, and on-demand experts to facilitate co-creation. Batterii is used by over 20,000 co-creators from global brands like Adidas, BCG, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe’s, P&G, and Vans to accelerate insight discovery and fuel new product creation. Chad is also a co-founder of Ocean Accelerator, who has launched over 30+ tech start-ups from 12 different countries.


Chad Reynolds

One will find Michael S. Lehman at the intersection of entrepreneurship, science, and higher education.

Dr. Lehman is co-developing and teaching in the Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship, including roles with Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Prior to joining the faculty at Lehigh, Dr. Lehman developed and grew new entrepreneurship programs at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh and served as the founding director of the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. 

He serves on the advisory board of a number of technical-based startups and is a regular presenter at national conferences, including Venture Well.

Dr. Lehman’s work experience includes Johnson’s orthopedic company DePuy International in Leeds, England, and the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA.

Professor of Practice at Lehigh University

Michael Lehman

Jeff is a designer, innovator, and a storyteller. He believes in taking risks but for him and his team at MOJO, it’s all about collaboration. After 20 years as a founding partner of the successful east coast design agency, Insync Design, Jeff founded MOJO in late 2015.  A product design and development expert, Jeff has worked cross-category, including Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Housewares, Personal Care & Beauty. At MOJO he leads a talented team of award-winning designers, mechanical engineers, and production experts.  The MOJO team partners with a wide range of clients to create and bring innovative product concepts to market. The team utilizes a consumer-centric design process incorporating research, Design Thinking, and innovation sprints to deliver unique and disruptive product concepts to its clients. In addition, Jeff currently shares his expertise as an advisor & mentor to Technology, Fashion & Beauty accelerators in NYC.

Founder at MOJO Product Design

Jeff Joss

Nicholas is obsessed with creating The New, be it product, service, brand or business. He's a veteran innovator, having partnered with the world’s most powerful brands & scrappy upstarts on their hairiest innovation challenges.
His career pivots on one belief: Analytical strategies don’t mean a thing without a compelling idea to excite – yet blue-sky concepts die in a filing cabinet if they don’t align with commercial realities or enjoy the executional know-how to get it done. Innovation survives the pressure cooker of development and commercialization then thrives in the market when Strategy, Design, Brand and Execution braid perfectly.
Prior to joining LPK, Nicholas served as Co-Head of Idea Couture’s New York office, as Innovation Director at Fahrenheit 212 (NYC) and Industrial Designer at Essential (Boston).

Senior Innovation Director at LPK

Nicholas Partridge

Julie Anixter is an innovation and design strategist, author and educator, and the founder of 'Ensemble.Works', a design and innovation consultancy. Over the past three decades she has held numerous leadership and consulting roles in the corporate, non-profit and the federal sectors. Most recently she served as Executive Director of AIGA, the leading professional design association. She’s currently collaborating with Seth Godin on integrating his online Marketing Seminar into organizations and writing a book on enterprise design.

Design and Innovation Strategist, Founder

Julie Anixter

As an EIR at Friends & Family, Mike leads the development of F&F's internal portfolio companies as well as the creation of startups for Fortune 500 partners. Prior to helping companies build disruptive new businesses, Mike founded two of his own; a venture-backed health-tech company called Aidin and a waste to energy company called Wigo. Leveraging his prior experience at '?What If!' Innovation, Mike uses a combination of Design Thinking and startup-driven product development to innovate in categories ranging from healthcare to CPG.

Entrepreneur In Residence & Head of Business Development at Friends & Family

Michael Galbo

Linda Holliday is a serial entrepreneur at the intersection of media, marketing and tech, building leading-edge technologies and companies that empower the most demanding marketers and publishers to learn, teach, target, sell, and story-tell across an ever expanding array of opportunities and challenges. Linda was the first designer admitted to The Wharton School, where she studied Systems Sciences. Linda’s been a “Design Thinker” before it had a label.

She is now the founder and chief executive of Citia, a first and only system that creates swipe-able card-based media flows that integrate into the native feeds and flows of mobile media.

She is an active angel in digital media companies such as ComiXology, ScrollMotion, Localytics and 33Accross. She teaches in the School of Visual Arts Masters of Design Entrepreneurship in New York.

CEO of Citia, Angel, Design Thinker

Linda Holliday



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