DAY 1 - April 11, 2019

9:00am // Registration, Breakfast, & Mingling


9:30am // Keynote by Jocelyn Wyatt about the importance of Design Thinking, highlighting her design journey of  changing the social sector at


10:10am // * BREAKOUT SESSIONS *


  • Introduction to Design Thinking Part 1

In this session, you will see why Design Thinking is becoming so popular, what are its key elements, strengths, and weaknesses. You will be exposed to excellent examples of applying Design Thinking in numerous fields, including personal growth mindset. You will connect Design Thinking to Innovation and Strategy, and learn how to get started as a Design Thinker at your own company. Make sure you attend Part 2 for a hands-on deeper dive.


  • Jobs To Be Done: How Slack went from a social gaming chat room to the next unicorn  - HANDS-ON

An understanding of customer Jobs To Be Done allows startups to turn small problems into big businesses. In this hands-on session, Michael Galbo will walk through what it looks like to truly know your customer. You'll walk away with some new techniques and artifacts that you can use for your next Design Thinking project. 

10:40am // Break
10:50am // * BREAKOUT SESSIONS *
  • The Art of Problem Re-Framing - HANDS-ON

Kick-start your Design Thinking. Get exposed to a new bulletproof technique of interviewing your customer to expose real problems. The session will also cover more traditional '5Why' and 'Abstraction Laddering' techniques. You will then apply a mix of these three effective techniques first hand before going to the field.


  • User Interviews: Field Experience - HANDS-ON

For those brave ones who don't mind the busy streets of NYC, we will have a user interview mission to practice the most effective strategies of connecting with strangers.


11:20am// How Adidas Designs Experiences vs. Product 

As consumers shift from buying products into experiences, hear from Chad Reynolds how his company has helped Adidas transform into a consumer-obsessed culture. Chad will share design methods, best practices, and a case study of how consumer insights have sparked new, and unique innovation opportunities. 

12:00pm // Lunch

1:00 pm // Nelly Ortiz Design Thinking & Technology: The Soap Opera

Technology thought he was the future of innovation and disruption in this world, but one sunny day, Design Thinking came to town. She was cool, smart, and for some reason, she always carried with her a bunch of post-its! Intrigued, technology asked Design Thinking on a date… What do you think? Is this a case of opposites attract? 


1:30pm  // Don't Fail Fast, Learn Fast -An Introduction to the Experiment Canvas™

The sad fact is that failure is all around us, and a fear of failure paralyzes many organizations. So, the solution most innovation consultancies put forward to organizations already coping with the wide-ranging effects of failure is to tell their employees that they need to fail more.
Say what? You don’t want to fail fast, you want to learn fast. And so, if you switch to learning fast instead, the efforts of your employees should then become laser-focused on identifying what you need to learn with each iteration or each experiment. Your focus must shift to evaluating how well you are instrumenting for the learning you are trying to achieve. That's where the Experiment Canvas™ comes in. In this workshop, Braden Kelley will teach you how to get better at prototyping and testing and learning and succeeding using the Experiment Canvas™.

2:10pm // Design Thinking Needs Help!

Design Thinking is great, but its excellence is often overshadowed by how it's disconnected from a larger strategic enterprise picture. Adam Radziszewski will present how a clever combination of 'Blue Ocean Strategy' and 'Business Model Canvas' can pave a way for a successful Design Thinking challenge pipeline in this Learn & Practice session. 

2:50pm // Break


3:00pm // Design Thinking and Behavioral Economics: How to ask better questions, and find deeper insights.

In this highly entertaining session, Ian Limbaga will deliver a summary of the key Behavioral Economics concepts you might have read about in 'The Nudge' and 'Predictably Irrational'. You will learn the basics, and see how it can take your Design Thinking skills to the next level of applied human-centricity by understanding and recognizing the patterns behind 'irrational' human decision making.


3:30pm // Creating a Culture of Listening to the Customer

Riding a bicycle becomes second nature for many of us.  How can 'listening to the customer' also become second nature?  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to collaborate, as Michael Lehman leads an interactive session on creating a culture that encourages and supports listening to the customer before, during and even after product development.  Bonus - gain insight about the M.Eng. in Technical Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University and how it is training a new era of innovators!

4:00pm // Design Thinking Panel!

We'll put some of you on the spot to be part of this panel. There will be creative tension, funny moments, Design Thinking special tactics, and real-life amazing stories of Design Thinking triumphs (...and embarrassments).
4:30pm // Sketching for Design Thinkers
In this fun session, you will learn and practice five secrets of rapid sketching over a glass of wine. But wait, there will be a twist here that will make your day!
5:00pm //Call it a Day: Review, What's Tomorrow, and some Fun!
DAY 2 - April 12, 2019

8:30am // Breakfast, and a Riddle (with awesome prizes)

9:00am // Keynote by Simon Bray - Engineering High Performing Cultures - Unlocking the Why.

CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs are aware that culture is an important part of their employees’ performance, but few know how to build and sustain a high performing one. Through analyses of thousands of studies on human behavior and our own proprietary employee survey, we at Vega Factor have cracked the code on culture and developed a systematic and sustainable approach that any organization can use to build a high performing culture.

9:30am // Behavioral Economics and Design Thinking by Linda Holliday

Engineers have a tendency to focus on   engineering. But just like the economists who also loved to keep the messy humans away from the work, they ended up having to come around. So, today we have Behavioral Economics and Design Thinking. Both are great and much needed, but 'Design Thinking' sometimes sells design short. Design is a process that yes, of course, includes humans, but it’s more. Design is a process for solving complex problems with multiple interdependencies. Non-linear problems. “Make it beautiful, and cheap..and easy to use, full-featured and intuitive."


10:00am // Busting through the Roadblocks to Innovation 

Hunger for top-line growth has never been stronger. The belief among executives in the potential of innovation to fuel growth has never been greater. And investment in innovation programs has never been higher. The harsh reality? The failure rate of innovation in most industries has never been higher. Yet ideas and ambition alone aren’t why innovation succeeds or fails. In this interactive workshop, Nicholas Partridge will use LPK’s Innovation Roadblocks Cards to help participants uncover organizational barriers, overcome project pitfalls, and begin to eliminate their most pressing internal roadblocks.
10:30am // Break


10:40am // * BREAKOUT SESSIONS *


  • Most Effective Ideation Creativity Techniques - HANDS-ON

Let's be honest, as we get excited by the newly uncovered insights, we hope for the ideas that follow up to be crazy, unique, and really transforming. Well, in most cases that's where we fall flat...INSUFFICIENT CREATIVITY ALERT! In this entertaining session, you will be exposed to the best creativity techniques (when to use them, in what order, and much more). When you're done, you will be able to apply this in your own setting to demolish the barriers to awesomeness


  • Prototyping Mobile Applications - HANDS-ON

See how easy it is to mock up a mobile application using free tools and having no visual experience. 
11:10am // Design Thinking Beyond the Corporate

Designer's mindset has been socialized in our corporate world, but this is just one area where it changes how people approach work. Elizabeth Radziszewski will highlight how Design Thinking can be applied to solve large, more difficult problems in the area of politics and negotiations.  


11:40am // Why we need Design Thinking for Equity, Inclusion, Diversity for the New Economy

Diversity is one big design thinking project, but this is far from how we currently approach it. The new internet of things, a shared economy,  and the future of working require a shift in how we value and leverage the ways that we are both common and different where we work, live and learn. Katrina will share her story and approaches to recruiting, retaining and engaging talent to help teams and organizations strengthen their brand and balance the triple bottom line of people, profit, planet.


12:00pm // Lunch




  • Behavioral Economics in Action - HANDS-ON

Ian Limbaga will conduct a hands-on exercise to apply these Behavioral Economics concepts on a real customer problem by using Behavioral Economics 'Choice Design' cards created by Ian and his company.
  • Intro to Design Thinking Part 2

In this hands-on workshop, Maryam Daryabegi will dive into more details about user and industry research, ideation, and prototyping.  This session will cover the best practices of Design Thinking, as well as the most commons barriers and mistakes.

2:10pm // How to Create a Design Thinking Movement Inside a Large Organization

If you're a Design Thinking believer but your company is not yet there, attend this session where Nicole (Spagnolia) Licciardi will focus on the cultural implications that come with scaling design thinking in a corporate environment and embracing everyone from the skeptics to the practitioners.


2:40pm // Break


3:00pm // Design Thinking as a Sacred Ground for Internal Problem Vetting

Design Thinking approach helps employees feel valued as they get to creatively share their perspectives with other participants. During this minds-and hands-on experience by Maryam Daryabegi,  participants will broaden their core competencies in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Participants will be divided up thematically to tackle challenges they would most like to work on. Next, they get to know their team members and share their perspectives about the challenge. From there, participants get to observe a new perspective through interviewing a member from the opposite team. This encourages everyone to connect, learn and share ideas freely.  Next, they will define their challenges and opportunities to frame a human-centered design problem through drawing. Then, they prototype their ideas and make it tangible by using objects that will be given to them at the workshop. At the end, teams get to provide rapid feedback and test their prototypes. This will enable them to make necessary changes and improve their prototypes.

3:30pm // Design & Innovation: a Cultural Partnership Needed Across the Enterprise

For decades design has been integral and played a leading role in the creation of new products, services and ventures. In some places. Designers, working hand in hand with engineers, R&D, marketing, IT, and users have brought concepts and prototypes to life to test with those users in real time. In some places.  Large scale systems and strategy implementations have relied on design to help communicate, and make the big changes visible, tangible, easier to adopt. In some cases.  Increasingly design is recognized in (some) C-suites as equivalent of being able to deliver on the promises the brand makes across the enterprise in a seamless, frictionless experience that people love. Julie Anixter will present how we can help more organizations understand, invest in, and benefit from the role that design plays in innovating experience at the enterprise level. 


4:00pm // Modern Product Prototyping Lessons

Hear Jeff Joss talk (and show) about the state of 3D printing, materials, prototyping, manufacturing and how it enables, democratizes, and accelerates Design Thinking process.

4:30pm // Wrap-up: Review, Where do we want to go next year, How do we really stay connected, and a Surprise!

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